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3D Optical Macro / Microscope


Electronic circuit, the transformer is 28mm (1.1") high.
The red squares in the background are spaced 1mm apart.

Whereas normal microscopes often have just a paper thin depth of field, we can demonstrate up to 1.2" (30mm) depth of field along with a unique lighting system to allow for shadow free imaging even with high samples. In this image we show an electronic circuit with a height of 28mm (1.1"). As can be seen, the entire circuit is fully resolved

1.5" pipe section with a heavy crust. Sample height 0.9" (23mm)

Fractured sample from a tensile testing machine. Sample height 0.37" (9.5mm)

Fiber mat (0.03" / 0.8mm thick), picture on right at a higher magnification



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