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Scientific Papers

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A number of scientific papers have been written using the results obtained with the Grayfield microscopes. We are offering some of these papers for download without further comment. These papers were written in German before Grayfield Optical Inc. started to market these microscopes.

Please understand that we are not the original authors of these papers and therefore not responsible for their content and cannot comment on them.
All the following papers are stored in Adobe Acrobat format.

Cancer Research

Bernhard Muschlien has been working with Grayfield microscopes for many years. In this series of 3 papers, he looks at the theory and history of pleomorphism and the various stages of cancer. Originally published in the German publication "das SEMINAR"; 3/88, 4/88 and 1/89.

German Language PDF documents:
Der Blick in die Unendlichkeit   
("The Look into Infinity", parts 1-3)
Bernhard Muschlien, Heilpraktiker, Taunusstein, Germany

A film on the subject has now been released in English that can be seen in the Video Section: "Symbiosis or Parasitism"

The original German language film can be seen on our German website.

We also recommend watching the film: Humoral Pathology or the original German version.

German Book on Pleomorphism

Blutsymbionten, Blutparasiten, Blutpilze
Dr. med.Jost Dumrese / Bruno Haefeli, Published by Haug Verlag
ISBN 3-7760-1521-7 (Sold out, second hand copies sometimes available)

The inventor of our microscopes has provided a number of images and material based on observations through the Grayfield microscope. This includes the "Sanguinogramm" - Highly detailed drawings with measurements of the "cancer virus" seen during the various stages of cancer. The following excerpts are PDF versions of the relevant sections of that book. Even if you cannot understand German, the images themselves are very interesting.

Except of all pages relating to the Grayfield Microscope (German)

"Sanguinogramm" translated into English

Legionaires Disease

The Grayfield microscope was used to perform a detailed analysis of Legionaires' disease which led to various articles being published and a film on this research being released.
The German articles can be downloaded here.

Neue Erkenntnisse über Legionellen
(New Discoveries about Legionaires' Disease)
Prof. Heinz H. Baumann

... ermöglicht erstmals Versachlichung der Legionellen-Diskussion
(... allows for the objective discussion of Legionaires' Disease)
Ing. grad. Winfried Hamich

An English version of the original German film has now been released and can be seen in the Video section: "Legionella in vitro"


A large amount of research and analysis work has been done, under contract for various companies and institutions, with the Grayfield microscopes.

Here are some of the articles written that are based on research work performed with the Grayfield microscope.

Mehr Bildinformation durch große Tiefenschärfe, höhere Auflösung und Farbtreue
(More image information through more depth of field, resolution and true colours)
Reinraumtechnik 3-4/89

Neue Lichtmikroskopiertechnik ermögicht neue Erkenntnisse über Schaumstoffeigenschaften
(New light microscope technology facilitates new insight into plastic properties)
Ing. grad. Winfried Hamich

Mit Worten kaum zu erklären
(Hardly explainable with words - About quallity control for plastics industry)
SI Informationen, 10/85

Schaumstoffe auf dem Prüfstand
(Foam insulation on the test bed - Discusses foam insulation consistancy)

Water Treatment

Elektrostatische Wasserbehandlung
Electrostatic Water Treatment - Creating a protective layer and reductiob of copper solubility)
Dr. Rupert Wögerbauer

Und sie funktioniert doch - Neue Erkenntnisse über den Wirkungsmechanismus der elektrostatishen Wasserbehandlung durch Untersuchungen mit dem Hochleistungs-Lichtmikroskop
(And it does work - New knowledge on the working principle of electrostatic water treatment by analysis with the high power light-microscope)
Dr. Rupert Wögerbauer
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