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An Introduction to the Ergonom Microscope

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This short video gives you a brief look at how the Ergonom 500 is operated and what kind of results can be achieved. The first set of chip images shown were recorded through the video camera, the second set (with higher definition) through the Nikon Coolpix 4500. 6:43 min. Copyright 2003, Grayfield Optical inc.
Note: The Ergonom 500 microscope shown here, has now been replaced by the SeeNano series which has comparable capabilities and more advanced electronics. All images are made in real time and natural colors without staining or oil immersion. Due to the extended working distance, the objective does not actually touch the slide at any time (max. NA 0.95).

Most images, with resolution of 200nm or greater, could have also been made with the SeeNano Lab series of microscopes. Like the SeeNano Pro, the Lab series also features enhanced DOF and full color contrast without the need for staining or oil immersion.
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