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Nano Positioning System

The Nano Positioning System has been especially designed to allow the exact positioning of an object with incredible accuracy. It is seen here attached to a special SeeNano Pro microscope where it is being used as a stage.

  • Move any object up to 1kg in weight

  • Positioning Accuracy of 2.5 nm

  • X, Y and Z axis movement

  • XYZ Position can be easily stored

  • Range of movement 5cm

  • Technology allows extension to almost any length

This system can be used to store the exact location on a slide so that the same location can be found again at a later date with an accuracy of just 2.5 nanometers. This enables the exact same cells to be found on a slide, again. When examining complicated computer wafers (the SeeNano Pro is ideal for this with a resolution of <100nm), specific locations can be stored and returned to automatically. This makes this unit ideal for quality control issues.
Many other applications are feasible in the Nanotechnology industry. The standard unit allows 5cm range of movement on any axis. By extending the arms, almost any length is achievable with the same accuracy.

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It can be supplied as an accessory to our range of microscopes or any other similar system.
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Nano Positioning System. Moves up to 1kg with an accuracy of 2.5nm over a range of 5cm.
Nano Positioning System control units. Positions can be stored and restored so that you can find the exact same location on a slide at a later date.
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